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Week #30
This work was done by Roann Mathias in Memphis in 1998 for the session “Variations on Romans”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
The Earth Will Be Filled

Gouache and raised gilding on black German Ingres paper, 19" x 25"

This piece was done in the 5th month of 26 seeds, in 1998 in Memphis. It was my second time through and about 10 years after my first yearlong class with Reggie. During the intervening years, I worked for hours and hours practicing Romans in my studio! The lettering in this piece is a result of that study, featuring some of the variations I worked on and loved. Another aspect of this piece is that it is on a full sheet of black German Ingres paper. It was during the month of color theory, too, so I applied that information into this design as well. Finally, the gilding in the center is with heavy molding paste and variegated gold leaf.
For me, this kind of work was a synthesis of all the techniques, color charts, layout ideas and slides of other students work that Reggie exposed me to in class. In addition, I spent time choosing the texts, and looking for just the right image of the earth (before the internet was as developed as it is today!) The whole process was like writing a final paper, or doing a final piano recital with all the intensity and nervousness and even joy that happen in that kind of performance when you are striving for excellence.

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