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Week #47
This work was done by Ann Binder in South Bend Indiana in for the session, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow .
In her own words:

The dearest of dear clients asked me to letter a prayer her father had taught her when she was young. She wished to frame the original and make high quality copies as Christmas gifts for her own grown children. Having done several other commissions for her, I knew her taste leaned toward simplicity and legibility, but I asked her to come to the studio to choose paper, letterform, and color.

This was right after the November 1996 class with Reggie so I was armed with the handout, “How to Analyze a Calligraphic Hand”. I thought I would show Marge several samples of lettering that I was anxious to try making my ‘own’. Marge chose Arches 90 lb watercolor paper, viridian gouache, and the lettering sample of these wonderful uncial/foundational forms which happened to be the handout “How to Analyze a Calligraphic Hand”.

Marge loved those letters. I am so glad I asked for her input because I was going to do something easier with indigo gouache going for simplicity and legibility.

The handout was in monoline, so I translated the forms into a pressurized version, adding some extra pen widths to the x-height to give some boldness to the forms. If I remember correctly, at some point while trying to work out the alphabet, I came across a sample of the letters I was striving to create among the many samples Reggie gave us in the mountains of handouts. Re-inventing the forms became much easier after that.

What you are looking at is the page I did for our guild’s calendar. I re-did Marge’s prayer for reproduction. It was done on Arches Text Wove using 30205 stick ink. Original size: 10”x12.5”

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