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Week #6
This work was done by Jean Ferrier in Seattle this year for the session “Carolingian and Variations”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:

This book involves the complexity of combining two art forms; NW Coast formlines plus fulfilling the assignment of Carolingian, plus using stick inks, plus including a Roman variation for variety. This traditional, very naive story needed to be told sequentially to be coherent.


 I used a fold out format with Canson (pearl) paper because it is stiff and can take some moisture. Colors are limited to red, blue, and black; as those are the only colors used in this coastal art form.

The red was dark than I anticipated, so I highlighted it with colored pencil on top. I used a pop-up (the Pocket Paper Engineer by Carol Barton) and gilding to bring some life to it. 

The size of the individual pages is 5 ¾ “x 16 “.


The book has wood (red cedar) covers.The spine is thin leather, attached to wood with Ecoweld water based contact cement. Otherwise, PVA glue is used. The finish  is a sealer called Waterlox original (tung oil). Afterward, the surface is buffed. The cord is No. 15 seine twine, with bone beads.

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