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Week #49
This work was done by Tomoko Zunino in 2016 in Seattle for the session “Primitive to Modern” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
This Halloween inspired piece starts from design techniques of Codex Aureas. I chose “O” for a decorated letter. I needed someone to hold this jack-o’-lantern, “O”, so I drew a boy in a cowboy costume, then drew some Halloween images to make this piece more Halloween-y.

I followed the sequence taught by Reggie. First, I traced the letters and designs onto vellum with a pencil, painted gesso and clear instacol and applied 23k gold leaf. Second, I drew the spider webs with a micron pen and painted the letters and images with gouache.
Finally, I drew black outlines with a micron pen, orange lines with a ruling pen and flooded in with a brush. When dry, I drew black dots. I also drew some images, a cat, pumpkin, moon, star and witch’s hat, among dots. Good luck on finding them!

I cut out a crescent moon and tombstones on Arches cover black paper to hold the vellum.

Happy belated Halloween!

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