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Week #15
This work was done by me, Reggie Ezell, here in Chicago in 2014.
In her own words:
The poem “Still Falls the Rain” was written by Dame Edith Sitwell in 1940 during the air raids on Great Britain. It ponders our relentless, senseless cruelty to one another and an everlasting love that may redeem us. I have calligraphed this rather long poem in excerpts and in entirety many times over the course of the last forty years.

In the mid 1980’s, on the Isle of Ibiza a couple who lived there, had on a wall, a torso of Christ; much like ancient greco-roman statues, the limbs were broken off. It was lashed with baling wire to two large corroded spikes that had been brought up from the wreck of a spanish galleon. Soon after I created the central image in this work. I have used it several times for this poem; in book and broadside, sandblasted into glass, on primitive fig bark paper, and in this current rendering.

This background started as a calfskin vellum that I had stained purple with brazil wood dye. I made a digital photograph of it and modified it in Photoshop.
I printed it on archival paper with archival inks; then painted into it with watercolors and acrylics.

There are several acrylic bases used to create a sculpted effect onto which are applied layers of both 24 Kt. and lemon gold leaf. The words too are acrylic bases with moon gold leaf atop.

The Fibonacci series is a sequence of numbers starting with (the prime) 1 and continues without end: a mathematical expression of infinity. I’ve placed the number 1 within Christ’s aura, so that as it spirals out, creating the unending repetition of the Golden section,
it suggests the spiritual expression unending, uncompromising love, generated from within a single living soul.

I hope to do this poem yet another time in the future.

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