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Week #48
This work was done by Lisa Tsang in Seattle this year for the session “Roman Variations”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.
In her own words:
This quote was done in honor of a dear friend whose middle name is "Bird" who has been living with Stage 4 metastatic cancer for the last 7 years. Yes, that is a miraculous seven years! She is a source of inspiration to our circle of survivors. We were introduced to Reggie's script, Raucous, in our study of Roman variations and I loved how the words could flow into each other. A couple of practice pieces were done on computer paper, and subsequently cut apart to arrange the design.

The hummingbird outline was drawn and cut out from cardstock to create an embossing stencil. Then I taped the sheet of Arches text wove to my light box with the layout underneath.
I used Speedball B2/ B3 nibs to execute the body of the letters, using an EF66 nib to corner the ends. I mixed a "hummingbird" green gouache and slowly added a combination of primary/ultramarine/thalo blue as each line was written to create the color transition. Although I did back paint the embossed hummingbird with red ochre gouache, it still didn't stand out enough so I used the stencil to mask off the area and dusted chalk pastels in to give it more clarity. Unlike some of my other work which gets heavily embellished, this piece has a very clean and simple look to emphasize the message, a gift of friendship and hope.

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