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Week #40
This work was done by Joanna Zdzienicka in Chicago this year for the session “Illumination on Vellum”, in Primitive to Modern.
In her own words:
Our homework assignment was to use design techniques from the Codex Aureas and make it our own.

In my piece I wanted to marry the 'primitive' and modern. I layed out the words in a very simple way, following the structure of lines of writing in the Codex Aureas, with 'e' little twist. To make all letters fit into an even grid, I turned the 'e' in the word 'let' into a round shape, that was mimicking the decorations from the rest of the letters. Having the layout ready, I started working directly on vellum. While making the piece, I followed Reggie's list of steps for an initial copy we did in class. After every step I thought the hardest part was over... until I continued with the next thing to do... I really gained huge respect for anyone who dares to make a whole page in this style, not to mention a whole book!

One of the challenges I faced was choosing the right colors. For gilding I used moon gold, which is so interesting and beautiful, but kind of hard to determine it's warm/cool range. I started painting with dark blue gouache, mixed from primary colors. Then, during a sleepless night, the idea of using neutral beige came to my mind and I went for it the next day. I think it really made the whole piece look clean and modern, maybe a little unusual in context of the historical example.
While trying to figure out details in the circles within letters, I wanted something contemporary. I was looking for some inspiration on-line and to my surprise I realized, these decorations in Codex Aureas are actually quite modern in their geometrical simplicity. I ended up loosely copying the patterns from the original.

My conclusion - by copying an art piece I can learn a ton of things, sometimes discover surprising matters. And --- don't be fooled, when Reggie says "flood in the bands with pointed brush".... (bands - lines drawn closely to each other with ruling pen). You would think there is finally something easy and quick to do.... WRONG! There is nothing easy and quick in the process. Making anything in this style is a true Lesson On Patience.

Vellum off cut is about 3.5x7.5"

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