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Week #30
This work was done by Katie Garrod in Chicago in 2015 for the session “Primitive to Modern”, in Primitive to Modern. In her own words:
"This piece was started in class and finished at home. Reggie's slide show on the making of the purple vellum was simply mind boggling! Thank you for sharing, Reggie. Because the colour of the vellum reminded me a little of the red ochre sails of London Barges, I used the image of a barge for my Gold Leaf image. These Barges were the cargo movers for southern England and beyond, prior to the industrial revolution. (My old home town of Faversham, UK is now a hub for London Barge enthusiasts and restoration.) Like so many vessels of their day what was practical was also stunningly beautiful especially when in full sail out at sea. I tried to find a short poem that described this but couldn't, so set about writing my own. The form was intended to look somewhat like the reflection of the barge in the water, an attempt at "concrete poetry".  A variation of copperplate script seemed a good fit for a swirly, watery feel. I followed Reggie's, very helpful, technique of making photocopies of the decorated paper (with or without a partial design) for practising. It was really a boon for working out the glitches. Executing it in Schminke Gold on vellum with the ef66 nib certainly added challenges. Plus . . . there was only one little piece of purple vellum. Some practise was done on the back of the vellum to get a feel for the texture, although even that is a little different from the "right side". As few guidelines as possible were used in pencil which is why the slant might be a little off here and there. I am still in two minds about the extra decoration, would less have been more? It was just so much fun to add the blue waves, honestly, I couldn't help myself!"

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