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Week #13
This work was done by Becky Hughes in San Antonio in 2016 for the session “Exploring the Book as a New Structure”, in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
The text for the book is a quote which Reggie gave to the class from “Anam Cara” by John O’Donahue: “The human heart is a theater of longing.” The text refers to the urgency of this longing.

I decided to use sharp angled lines on the cover and most of the pages. When closed, the book reveals part of a photo of a rocky shoreline with deep crevasses. The photo seemed to express the angst of the quote and also set the limited palette for the book, mostly black, white and grey.
I also liked the calligraphic appearance of the shadows and texture of the stones in the photo.

In the later pages, the shapes are less harsh, more curvilinear and the transparencies, which were made from Reggie’s stained glass images, lend a somewhat dreamlike sense to the book. I made limited use of colored and textured paper to give some relief to the harsh palette. The overlapping shapes of the pages were meant to conceal and reveal the text which is repeated as the pages are turned.

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