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Week #42
This work was done by Nell Hall this year in Raleigh for the session “Variations on Romans”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
I have had the joy of participating in Reggie’s “26 Seeds Year To Grow”. Although it has been a challenge at times it has been an extremely rewarding experience as I have seen myself “grow” more than I thought possible during this year.

This piece was month 3 homework assignment. We were instructed to guild a symbol, word, or phrase and paint in the dark background behind the gilding using at least one Roman Cap variation for our lettering.

I entitled this piece “Sermon Notes” because I got the idea of what I wanted to do while listening to a sermon in church. The sermon was on Grace and the pastor had mentioned the Greek word for Grace is Charis.
  When I got home and looked over my notes I realized the positioning for the letters of Grace and Charis could be in perfect placement to form a cross.

The gilded image is Christ’s monogram and it was done in 23K gold leaf. The background is painted with Turner Blue Violet gouache. The background of the cross is the Blue Violet gouache mixed with Winsor Newton White gouache. The lettering in the cross was done with FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic. The lettering around the cross and circle was done with Dr. Martin Iridescent Bronze. The border was done with Gelly Roll Metallic pens – silver on the inside border and gold on the outside border. The shading was done with soft pastels and a make-up sponge. The size of the finished piece is 11x17.

Thank you Reggie, for your excellent instruction, patience and great sense of humor. You keep us laughing while we all learn all so much!

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