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Week #34
This work was done by Mike Kecseg in Chicago in 1986 for the session “Brush Lettering”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In his own words:
This is one of my earliest attempts at pointed brush lettering. I decided to do a piece that had a more structured style with the blackletter and contrast it with the more unstructured script style. Even though I didn't understand completely how the pointed brush worked at the time I think it began my interest in how the pointed pen and pointed brush related as tools. Out of that I developed some of the pointed pen variations styles that I do. The piece was done on Canson paper with gouache. The background roman letters were done with a flat brush and the rest of the lettering with a pointed brush. I picked the Alfred Fairbank quote about "Disciplined Freedom" to emphasize the contrast of the different lettering styles.

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