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Week #3
This work was done by Rose Smutko in San Diego in 2017 for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
I love quotations as so many calligraphers do. But recently, I also have begun to notice how these quotations come into my life. The quotation "Every leaf speaks bliss to me..." arrived in my mail on the front cover of an Autumn book catalogue. This quotation inspired me to use the stained glass printouts from Reggie for an Autumn scene. I used the typical blue for the sky; green for the grass. I loved mixing it up by incorporating a blue sky with clouds, with a darkish greenish moon in the middle -- a kind of fantasy landscape.  I also used a hot foil pen. I had never noticed that there were some stencils included in the packaging - of the hot foil pen. It is the kind of stencil that you see when you're a kid - a crescent moon, a star, a goose, a LEAF. So, I used this simple stencil to add golden leaves to the artwork. The calligraphy was done initially with a Speedball B-1, squaring off each round edge with a ball pointed 513 EF pen nib.
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