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Week #18
This work was done by Marijo Carney in 1986 in Chicago for the session “Brush” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words
On Drawing

This work was done in 1986 toward the end of the "26 Seeds: A Year To Grow" year long class that Reggie taught at Loyola University. I had read Frederick Frank's book, "The Zen of Seeing", and had copied these words from his book as they reflected my feelings about the value of drawing. I decided to use them in a finished piece that would be an inspiration to my drawing students at Western Michigan University.

I first did the large word "drawing" with a 1/2" chisel edged brush and black gouache, on a piece of 18" x 20" Arches 140 lb hot press paper. I then traced the outline of these letters on a separate paper and lightly transferred this image to the area below my brush made letters.
Then using a soft 2B pencil I used sketchy gestural lines around the traced letters to leave a white negative representation. To complete the piece I used a very small pointed brush and black gouache to write the quote in the areas that would marry the words into the large letters and make a successful composition.

Sadly, I have lost this piece. Hours upon hours of searching has not helped me locate it. It was never framed nor exhibited and I am so pleased that Reggie has asked me to share its inception and process with you. At long last it has an audience.

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