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Week #21
This work was done by Ann Sheill in Michigan in 1993 for the session “Variations on Foundational” in
26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
I looked through my huge ‘Reggie’ notebooks for the assignment for this project. I couldn’t find it. I thought it would help me remember specific details. I do know my goal was to have something large, something medium and something small. The title, the sub-titles and the text could be arranged so those elements would create forms, small medium and large.

I used various sizes of Speedball B nibs and squared off the ends with a EF66 pen, quite a tedious process, but effective. I used the Ruling Writer and most likely a folded pen for the title and subtitles. I wanted to create a contrast with the simple straight/curve lines of the alphabet of the text. The Ruling Writer and folded pen were so freeing to work with. The “Three Passions” letters were to be flowing, sweeping and moving with loose, wild extra lines mingling among the more structured letters. The sub-titles were done with the point of the folded pen. I wanted the sub-titles to be eloquent and more detailed than the text alphabet. They are a stylized Roman Versal, open and also relaxed.
The back ground was first painted with a thin wash of pastel colored gouache and then layered with the SaranWrap technique for a soft textured background. The lettering was done with gouache. I chose pinks, lavender and a golden ochre to suggest subtle passion. Square dots of gold paint are used to tie the titles and sub-titles together. Three Passions is done on a full sheet of Arches 140 pound hot press.

If you need to change anything about this, Reggie, go ahead. This was indeed a long time ago. I do remember that it seemed I would never be done with the writing. Your student pieces on your archives are so outstanding. I am humbled to have been a student in your class. So glad you are using our new technology to keep calligraphy alive and to keep on sharing what we all deem as beautiful writing. I have put calligraphy aside somewhat and have tried to take up oils. I regret that I never had the dance needed in my letters to be successful. I do have good memories of a good teacher and some fun classes.

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