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Week #17
This work was done by Bob Zuranski in Chicago this year for the session “Modernizing a Traditional Calligraphic Hand: Blackletter”, in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In his own words:

“Everything I Believe”

“The sage transitions from superstition to wisdom, surrendering previously held belief.” That is the premise of this project.

The majority of the text comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Living the wisdom of the Tao”. The book is a collection of verses authored by Lao-Tzo in China 2500 years ago.

The Dualistic Worldview is taken from “Making Sense of the Christian Faith” by David Lose.

And so the study begins with “God” written with a handmade bristle brush. The abstraction illustrates that the presence of God may not be easy to see even though He is always with us and centric to life. It seems so obvious to say that the three guilded triangles represent the essence of the Holy Trinity, but there it is.

The underlying layers provide a structural foundation for the abstract marks to contrast with; one is on the grid and structured, one is off the grid and has lots of movement. The major contrast is developed between the blackletter and the abstract marks.

My thought was to explore multiple triads playing off of the three guilded triangles. I tried to carry this thought to its logical conclusion with three focal points that keep your eyes moving from the trinity to the blackletter and back to God. If this triple focal point idea works it may be because they are close enough that the contrast keeps the viewers interest and it’s tight enough that it still works as a unified whole.

The piece is executed on Arches Text Wove with a handmade bristle brush, ef66, crowquill and Speedball C nibs, Sumi ink, walnut ink, gouache, acrylic mat medium, and 23k gold on Instacol mordant.

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