26 Seeds:  A Year To Grow (in person)
Full Price:  $1800.00
Deposit/Payment Plan
Payment Plan
$1800 payment in full for the course.
You may pay in increments of $100, $300, or the entire $1800 class fee any time prior to the first day of class. "Buy buttons" are on the home page of my website www.reggieezell.com where you can pay via credit card or PayPal.
If you would prefer to pay by any other method please email me at contactreggie@comcast.net  I welcome any inquiries whatsoever in regards to the course. $300 non refundable deposit reserves your place in class If necessary, do not hesitate to contact me, if you feel the need for an alternative or extended payment plan. We can always work something out.
Suggested payment schedule;
$300 deposit
$600 total paid by September 30
$900 total paid by October 30
$1200 total paid by November 30
$1500 total paid by December 30
$1800 total paid by January 4 (1st day of class)
Enrollment in class is limited to the first 6 students with deposits. Afterwards individuals will be put on a waiting list. Any refunds of payments of students enrolled in the class will be contingent on individuals on the waiting list stepping into that person's place and paying the balance for the remainder of the course.
This course is 12 months, two days each: 24 sessions, approximately 8 hours each session. If you compare this in-depth, extended studies class to other learning opportunities you will find this to be in excellent value.



SUPPLY LIST  for Reggie Ezell’s Course

26 SEEDS: A YEAR TO GROW    2025

Do not feel that you have to have all the supplies purchased for the whole year. You will already have many of the items. Just give yourself and the suppliers as much turn around time in between sessions to comfortably get your orders to you. Please DO have the supplies for our first session in advance.


Catalogue #s in blue are

Paper and Ink Arts



Catalogue #s in red are

John Neal Books



( SESSIONS 1 & 2 )"Always supplies”:
 This represents, far and away, the majority of the supplies you will need for the year!

N04 -Mitchell Nibs -- at least 2 each of sizes 2 through 4

   as well as one each of the other sizes

-Although I highly recommend Mitchells you may use Brause, Tape, or Speedball broad edge nibs if that is what you are accustomed to.

N05 -Reservoirs for Mitchell nibs (5)

Bref66- Brause EF 66 Nibs, 2 or 3

N16 - Speedball B Nibs — B-2, B-3, B-4

N09 - Speedball Nibs, C-1, C-2 C-3

H513ef -Hunt 513EF nib(ball pointed)

- Other nibs that are your favorites

Dblwdn - Double-ended wooden pen handle, round barrel, at least one

Leadho -Lead holder: 2 mm (mechanical pencil)

Leadsh -Sharpener for 2mm lead

-   Clic-White vinyl eraser, preferably pencil shaped

S271 -18” or longer ruler

P21 -11" x 17" Grid Pad made for calligraphy

Monpa - Moon Palace Sumi Ink

Brist4 - Mixing Brush (cheap hog hair bristle), 2 or 3                             

Drbott -Water bottle with dropper (or pipet) and distilled water                  

Dp300 -Leonardt Ball Pointed nib

page 1

S129 & S130- Xacto knife with #10 and #11 blades                                    

-   ??? -11 x 17 sheet of waxed grid, 1 sheet

-   Paper Towels

-   -Scotch Removable tape                                          

- Fingernail buffer/file (at least 4 to 6 sided)

S1112LED  -Magnifier, 10X or higher                                            

 - Ball Point Pen, red fine

-   M117 -Micron Black Markers in a variety of sizes including 01, 08

-    Scissors

Wnguma - Winsor Newton Gum Arabic

-   PS42 -Arches HP 90 lb. watercolor paper (full sheet)

   see “Paper list for the year” below

-   ??? -Arches HP 90 lb. watercolor paper, 8 ½ x 11,

   pack of 20 sheets (John Neal)

Glassine5pk - Glassine sheets

-   WNG-HC1 (SET)Winsor Newton Gouaches: Permanent White, Ivory Black, Primary Red, 'Primary Blue, Primary Yellow

-   WNWC! & WNWC2 -Winsor Newton Watercolors: Payne’s Gray, Alizarin Crimson Permanent

Drmbld- Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White

smlpan-  6-part mixing pans (7)

Scep101- Good pointed watercolor brushes, sizes 1 and 00

- Two water bowls (similar to Cool Whip bowls)

P2042- Pad of tracing paper, approx. 9" x 12"

S654 - Pack of Saral Transfer Paper

Burniset- spoon shaped burnisher

-Krylonworkfix -Workable matte spray fixative, Krylon

Sandarac1 -Gum Sandarac - powdered form in a pouch

Butcher-porcelain butcher tray 7.5” x 11

Blkfac -Factis Black Eraser


                                                                                                    page 2

Consider the "Supply List, Sessions 1 & 2” to be your ALWAYS! List. Bring those items every class session without fail. Below is listed the items you will bring in addition to your always list to the class sessions indicated. At the end of every class session we will go over in detail the supplies that are essential or optional to bring for the next class sessions as well as any items to delete or add on.





-Prepared set of Mitchell broad edge nibs

-high quality pointed brush, #0 or smaller

-clean, sharp scissors, 7” or larger

-red ball point pen, fine

Glassine5pk - glassine sheets

S189-5  –23 kt patent gold leaf: 5 sheets

S892 & S1111 -Instacoll  & Activator

Finetec watercolor pan, Arabic Gold



Uhusml -glue stick

P85 -Bristol

-??? - white acrylic paint


SESSIONS 13 & 14

Amesgu -Ames Lettering Guide.. MUST!

IS10 or IS11 -black ink stick*

IS19 -grinding stone for black ink stick*

IS39 -color ink sticks* #66,#70

Bok24007-gaken dish for color ink sticks*  

 *OPTIONAL!                                                                       page 3


Colbr-blk -Pentel Color Brush(es), black

Scep606- 1/4" broad edge brush

Hiro brass poster nib 8 mm





Paper List for the Year

Ar90hp -3 Arches Watercolor, hot press: all sessions

Arcovr -1 Arches Black Cover: #7 & 8

??? -1 Chiri: #3 & 4

Caning cream and Bugra archive #13 & 14

Glassine5pk -2 Glassine sheets: all sessions

P119 -100 Pacon 80 lb Drawing all sessions

... #indicates the class session to bring (at least)

one 8 ½ x 11 piece of this paper to work on in class.


Catalogue #s in blue is

paper and Ink Arts



Catalogue #s in red is

John Neal Books



                                                                             page 4

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