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This work is by Sr. Peter Julian Werner.


What I can remember about my labor of love is th at the words on the redwood panels read: (front) WE ARE KNOWN AS WOMEN BLESSED (back)THE TENDERNESS OF YOUR HAND RESTS UPON US AS WE
JOURNEY ON YOUR WAY. The style of lettering sandblasted into the redwood is a form of Neuland. The letters sandblasted into the glass panels were inspired by Tom Perkins.I applied 23 kt. gold leaf on the words “women
journey” atop Instacoll gilding base.

The words etched on the glass panels are all taken from the Old and New Testaments. SARAH, HAGAR, RUTH, LEAH, RACHEL, DEBORAH, JUDITH, then HANNAH, REBEKAH, ESTHER, SUSANNA. The other glass panel bears the names of women from the New Testament and history. MARY, MARTHA, MAGDALA CLARE HILDEGARD THERESA, ALFONS, CABRINI, SETON, TEKAWITHA (ALAS!!! I misspelled her name. It SHOULD read TEKAKWITHA. It is unfortunate also that with all my work accomplished to meet a deadline was when I realized I should have listed EVE’s name first among the Old Testament women.

A word or two about the womens’ images. The top woman image is taken from a previous work, Mother and Child, which I created around 1965 when I was teaching art at Ryan High School, Omaha, Nebraska. It graced our
chapel side altar during the Christmas Season. To accompany it, I did smaller companion pieces of the Three Kings. (Believe it or not, I still have all of these pieces and they do grace space in my somewhat small apartment.)
Since that time, I have used the image to portray women dedicated to love and life. If memory serves me correctly, at one time it did represent the Foundresses of the School Sisters of St. Francis, Mothers Alfons, Alexia, and
Sister Clara as it graced the cover of a page of one of the books recounting some of our community’s history.

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