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  This work is by Jane Hales.
 Because 2020 was my second time to take the Reggie “26 seeds” class, I decided two things:
     1. I was going to work smaller. The finished pieces I did the first time are large. This time I wanted to accomplish each assignment in a smaller piece.

     2. My second goal was to use different alphabets for the assignments than I had done the first time around. I hesitated even taking the class because I was afraid I would be unable to think “outside the box” of my first Reggie class work. I took it anyway!

I have always loved the “Suzanne Gropp” hand that Reggie teaches when we get to “Italic”. I decided that this would be the hand I would work on…analyze… practice…analyze…practice…until I was happy with it. It is such a lovely, graceful variation of italic.

In high school, I sang in a choir that performed a different version of “The Lord Is My Shepherd” than I had ever heard. It was an arrangement that I truly fell in love with and have never heard it again. By learning that song, I memorized the words to the 23rd Psalm. With the assignment for the class of doing a long text, the 23rd Psalm was the first thing that came to mind….and stayed in my mind, over and over until the piece was finished! The paper is Arches 90 lb. Hot Press. The background is a walnut ink wash.  While the wash was still wet, I added some darker walnut ink and some FW
Acrylic Artists Ink – Payne’s Gray. The body of text is done with W/N Indigo Gouache. The Gold used is Finetec Gold. The Tom Perkins Caps I used for the title are shadowed using gouache with a pointed nib.
The finished piece is 11” x 14”.

Reggie is such an inspiring teacher that I really had no problem coming up with ideas for pieces that were totally different than the first time I took his class. It was a growing and learning experience that helped me reach outside
myself….I am very glad that I didn’t pass it up!

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