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This work is by Christie Burns
The Letters in Some of the Words May Still Be Fragile

Oil Pastel, red and black stick ink, acetone transfer, and calligraphy on 90lb hot
press Arches watercolor paper.

Sometimes a poem is so evocative as to create an immediate picture in your
mind. And with the skills and techniques learned from 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow,
I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I started by sketching out the shirt, roughing
in where to place the words of emphasis and collaged the words to be transferred
with photocopied letters I had written. Then the lines of text were freely
written in foundational hand and the alphabet surrounding the shirt was transferred
to the borders. Letters were scattered all over the shirt as a result of laundering
the poet’s journal, as the poem describes. Oil pastels were rubbed into
the paper for color and scraped off to reveal the letters. The emphasized words
were filled in with a rich dark red stick ink.

Skills from class that came together for this piece included:
• Pressure-release Roman Majuscules
• Foundational book hand
• Acetone transfer technique
• Grinding and using stick ink (a lovely process)
• Combining contrasting letter sizes and styles in design
• Fun and fearlessness. Fun is a big part of the tool box...

On a Scroll of Sky
By June Moreau

My poet friend tells me in a letter
how he left his notebook
in one of his pockets
while doing the laundry,
how he dashed downstairs
to retrieve it.
I write back to him not to worry
that the lost poems will turn up
in the creases of his clothes.
One shirt in particular
would have an affinity.
Be careful. I tell him,
tuck it in gently,
the letters in some of the words may still be fragile.
Button it with great esteem,
wear it with your favorite bow tie.
All the while when writing this
crickets are strumming outside my window
and I think about all the poems we could write
on a scroll of sky.


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