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This work is by Christie Burns
TITLE: In My Craft or Sullen Art by Dylan Thomas

Reggie gave us poetry, literature, music, art and film suggestions in our homework packets for the month to give us inspiration and a jumping off point. This was enriching and helpful and ignited the month of work ahead. This was one of the poems.

The idea in the poem of working on your craft quietly in the still of the night for the pure love of doing it without the concern of personal fame or gain resonated. The words, “I labor by singing light,” were visually evocative, they inspired the focal area. The new moon with a “cloud of words” fell into place. If I had it to do again I would not have used gold, but kept the words on the dark blue white and unassuming which would have fit the spirit of the poem better. But one of the skills at that time was learning how to work with gold so I used the opportunity
to practice. I suppose it’s not uncommon to look back at a piece and have new ideas about it.

The poem is written in humanist book hand with emphasis provided by a Roman variation, Tom Perkins style. Paper is 90lb hot press, color is soft pastel rubbed into the paper with a soft piece of cloth.

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